Silicone Roof Coatings

Searching for a way to defend your roofing and its materials? Silicone roof coatings are fantastic for your roof’s protection. When you administer silicone roof coating, you get a natural defense that is very strong and water resistant, offering durable defense for your roof no matter what the materials are made from. Environmentally friendly, this moisture-curing coat doesn’t give off harmful byproducts that could alter the area around your property. For all of your roof services and silicone roof coatings needs, Hellenic Roofing & Construction is the one to call. With each service, you receive a roofing you can depend on and top notch customer service. Want more information on how silicone roof coatings can assist your roofing in Spring, TX and the surrounding area? Give us a call today at 832-704-2817 for more information or to get started on your new roofing system coating!

Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone Roof Coatings

Coat Your Roof With Something That Will Keep You Protected.

Protect your roof with the total defense provided by silicone roof coatings. Resilient and durable, this coating thwarts storms and nature. Deflect UV rays away from your property with UV resistance when this layer is administered straight onto your roof system. This decreases energy costs and acts as a cool roof system. Chalking or discoloration are normal with most roof system coatings that endure heavy sun exposure, but not with silicone roofing which maintains its original color. Ponding and water damage are two big troubles most roof systems have to handle as well. With silicone roof coating, you do not need to be concerned about water damage and ponding as the coating behaves as a waterproof membrane and defends your roof system. Handling mold and mildew, the coating stops both from growing and attacking your roof system materials. Once administered, you can expect your silicone roof coatings to perform between ten and fifteen years. Intense roofing system preparation is not needed for reapplication. After a simple power wash, your roof system may get its new silicone roof coating application. It is easy to apply and it does not want for much maintenance, making silicone roof coatings excellent for any roofing system.

Roofing Experts For You

With Hellenic Roofing & Construction, you get first class defense from a roofing system installed to meet your needs and silicone roof coatings in Spring, TX. With skilled installation practices and first class customer service, we are the best in town. From roof coating to standard inspection, our team of licensed, knowledgeable professionals are available to help you and repair your roof system. Dial 832-704-2817 for all of your silicone roof coating expectations.