Roof Restoration in Spring, TX

Roof Restoration

Restore Your Roof and Avoid a Replacement.

Is your commercial roof getting older and displaying signs of wear and tear? Time will always take a toll on even the greatest roof systems, and when that happens, building owners typically have the option to replace it or restore it. Keep in mind, a roof restoration is only a possible choice if applied within the proper time frame, which means that if you put it off for too long, you will have no choice but to replace. If you aren’t prepared to replace your roofing, but you must have it repaired for a cost-effective price, turn to Hellenic Roofing & Construction, the expert roof restoration company in Spring, TX. You can count on the roofing contractors at our company to make sure that your roof is done correctly and that it gets back to look new again. A roof restoration may seem like a strange choice, but it will end up saving you money, be less time consuming, and it will not cause waste or trash because you can reuse the roof that you already have. We are happy to answer any questions that you have and can go over everything with you so that you don’t ever feel confused or wondering how the process works. Give us a call at any time by dialing 832-704-2817 and we can get to working on your roof in no time at all.

Professional Roof Restoration

Severe weather, as well as the sun and even general aging, can put a significant amount of damage on your roof system over time. At Hellenic Roofing & Construction, we believe that a complete roof replacement should be done only as a final resort, so we make time to explain the alternate and less expensive solutions to our customers. Roof restorations are much less costly than roofing replacements, as you save on materials and labor costs. Cracked seams, torn roofing membrane, and standing water are all roof problems that can be solved with a roof restoration. We’ve included some of our roof services below for your convenience, and feel free to give us a ring at 832-704-2817 to learn more about our professional roof restoration in Spring, TX! Licensed and educated in industry standards, our professional roofers work tirelessly to deliver complete client satisfaction!

  • Acrylic Roof Coatings Acrylic roofing coatings are often used on industrial facilities, because they are quite flexible and water resistant.
  • Commercial Roofing Commercial roofs are often replaced prematurely, but roofing restoration is often a viable alternative.
  • Elastomeric Roofing If you need a roof coating that is resistant to leaking, an elastomeric roof coating should work wonderfully for your needs.
  • Polyurea Roofing Due to their unique make, these coatings cure in an extremely short span of time, regardless of the weather.
  • Silicone Roof Coatings If you need a roofing coating that can stand up to heavy rain, as well as puddling water, a silicone roofing coating will be ideal for you!