Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation

Unless you’re a professional roofer, terms like soffit or fascia may not be too familiar. At Hellenic Roofing & Construction, we recognize that making the best choice for your roof means to have the proper education and we’re here to provide that to you. We are also here 24/7 for you if you have an emergency or a question. Our number one goal is to make sure that you feel confident in what we are doing. Your roof is important to you which makes it important to us and we are sure to make sure you are satisfied.

How Soffit and Fascia are Vital to Your Home

The fascia is an important band of material that runs beneath the edge of your roof, and is the primary point of attachment for your gutters. The part that connects the line between the roof line and your siding is called the soffit. While fascia hinders any water damage and offers a particular clean look, your soffit is in place to provide adequate ventilation for the attic of your home. Both of these are vital to your roof, so if you find yourself in need of fascia and soffit repair in Spring, TX, contact us immediately at 832-704-2817 to get started!

How To Protect Your Soffit and Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

Call A Professional To Have Your Soffit & Fascia Checked Out.

The solution to keeping your roofing system in great shape is routine scheduled maintenance. You will be glad to know that you actually have the ability to keep an eye on your fascia. Look for areas that may be sagging, missing panels, or even where birds’ nests have found their way between your fascia and soffit. To be sure that you decrease the chances of your fascia rotting, keep your gutter clear and remove of any debris that you may come across. As for your soffit, you’ll want to check for signs of moisture in your attic, or a rise in your cooling or heating costs. Are you noticing dilemmas with your soffit or fascia? Call us to schedule your appointment. When you need professional fascia and soffit repair in Spring, TX, you can count on the roofing specialists at Hellenic Roofing & Construction! Our team provides the absolute best service at reasonable rates. Call us now at 832-704-2817 to get started!