Tile Roof Repair and Installation

Tile roofing generates many benefits for a home. Tile roofs reward homeowners with long-lasting stability, hardiness, and a noteworthy aesthetic impression. Hellenic Roofing & Construction provides unbeatable service as the expert for tile roofing in Spring, TX. Whether you require maintenance, service, or complete replacement, keep in mind our name for all your tile roof necessities.

Clay tiles look nice across a significant variety of houses and add a touch of pizzaz redolent of a Mediterranean-style building. For an aesthetically compelling choice with even more pronounced hardiness, consider slate or concrete tiles. Phone 832-704-2817 if you find yourself intrigued with tile roofing and want to learn more. At Hellenic Roofing & Construction, we are the local experts.

Tile Roofing System Positives

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Tile On Your Roof Can Add An Extra Pop!

Tile has always stood as a high-will need selection for homeowners interested in a new roof. The reason? Tile roofs supply both aesthetic attractiveness and a high amount of hardiness. If you have begun to weigh tile roofing for your own residence, hold the following benefits in mind.

Long-Term Performance: Compared to roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, tile roofing supplies much greater longevity. With correct service, the lifespan for tile roofing will extend from 60 to 100 years. Once suitable only for arid areas, updated tile roofs now boast engineered water shedding and ventilation abilities.

Variety: Tile roofs, in particular concrete tile roofs, have a virtually limitless array of design options. Tiles can get manufactured to copy other styles of roofing, or can simply get put to use for Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

Weather-Resistant: A high degree of weather resistance guards tiles from damage from storms and high wind. If installed rightly, tile roofing can withstand winds that approach 150 mph. The lengthy durability of these roofs saves money over the decades, as owners of the residence spend less on regular service.

Color Maintenance: Long before their utility expires, it’s typical for assorted types of roofs to seem drab. Coloring derived from all-natural sources including iron oxides or the clay mixture provide the vibrancy for tile roofing. Because of this, the tiles offer long-lasting coloration that will keep your home looking sharp.

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To discover more about tile roofs, arrange for service, or talk about installation, phone us now at 832-704-2817. We provide unparalleled service that leaves a roof for the ages. In Spring, TX, trust Hellenic Roofing & Construction for any needs with tile roofing systems.