Roof Replacement

Your roof system is designed to protect your house, but like any area of your house, it can only do so for a finite length of time. Though a roof replacement can look like a giant undertaking, the roof professionals at Hellenic Roofing & Construction are capable and dependable. We understand how to finish roof replacement quickly in a comprehensive manner, because we are experts in all kinds of residential roofing. In our years of roofing, we've noticed that there never is a convenient time for a roof to be replaced. Luckily, our professional roofers are prepared to help, and we work diligently to take out as much stress from the process as possible!

Our team can adopt any home roofing replacement job, small or large. Signals of wear and other indicators should show that your roofing needs replacement. If the time has arrived for a replacement roofing system, phone our team at 832-704-2817. The experts at Hellenic Roofing & Construction service all roofing replacement needs in Spring, TX.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

 Roof Replacement

Trust Our Experts To Replace Your Roof.

If a roof needs replacement typically comes down to a matter of magnitude. For example, some portion of damaged shingles can frequently become repaired. Too many, on the other hand, can suggest a necessity for a whole new roof. If the immediate viability of your roof inspires doubts, reach out to our team today for an inspection.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: An abundance of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles reveals that a roof requires replacement. The repair of lots of shingles will make your roof appear patchworked. Additionally, absent or damaged shingles can indicate serious, hidden problems in your roof. Extreme winds can loosen shingles and make them vulnerable, even when only a few became actually separated.

Age: The age of a roofing system can never be glossed over, as it delivers one of the surest signs of a need for roofing replacement. For example, many shingle roofs endure for about 20 years. A roof that has endured that amount of time should at least receive a check-up. Keep in mind, even when the next damaging storm could be its final, an aged roofing system may appear fine to amateur eyes.

Water Stains: A roof has one main job: to keep water out. Should you see water damage inside your house, your roof has proven unsuccessful. Call our team for a review if you have a leaky roof. Dependent on the extent of the leaks, you might want to look at the roof for replacement.

Local Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

At Hellenic Roofing & Construction, we act as the authority for roofing replacement in Spring, TX and adjacent locales. Should any of the aforementioned symptoms apply to your roofing, call us now at 832-704-2817. If we start the roof replacement procedure right away, we can save you the bother of complete roof failure tomorrow.