3-Tab Shingle Installation

As the leading roofing solution in the country, 3 tab shingles deliver protection from the elements while providing cost-efficiency and simple installation and maintenance. 3 tab shingles can be used in almost any environment and provide a completely personalized appearance for your home by offering multiple styles, colors, and tints. When you want a low-cost, durable roofing option that looks great, try 3 tab shingles for your roofing project. To set up your installation or to talk more about the benefits of 3 tab shingles in Spring, TX, call our roofing specialists at 832-704-2817.

What is a 3 tab Shingle

3-Tab Shingle Installation

3 Tab Shingles Can Last Up To 25 Years.

3 tab shingles are named for the three tabs that are cut into the bottom of each sheet providing a look of dimension and depth by appearing as three individual pieces. These shingles provide protection from weather, wind, and water while improving your home’s appearance. These shingles can be installed over many current roofs, allowing reduced installation time and fewer labor charges. 3 tab shingles can last up to 25 years when maintained properly and are one of the most cost-efficient solutions available. They are able to resist insects and pests, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions, and can be reinforced for extra strength. These systems are available in multiple colors and textures, and can be reinforced with features like Energy Star rated UV resistance, algae, and mildew protection, and even wind and hail resistance to help your roof last even longer. 3 tab shingles offer multiple color and style choices, as well as being one of the most cost-effective options available. This system offers many Energy Star and Environmentally rated reinforcement options for protection against many perils such as UV rays, weather and wind, and mold and mildew.

Professional Service You Can Rely On

By establishing relationships with only the top local suppliers, we can offer only the highest-quality materials. Our roofing experts discuss your product options with you, offering benefits, pricing information, and longevity. Contact the Hellenic Roofing & Construction team to discuss all of the advantages of 3 tab shingles in Spring, TX. We are also only a phone call away so if you have questions or have been thinking about 3-tab shingles for a while, give us a call at 832-704-2817 and let us help you decide if these are right for you.