Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation

As a home or business owner, it’s important to know that the sustainability and reliability are crucial qualities you want in your roofing system. However, many buildings have roofing systems installed that call for a substantial amount of maintenance that can be difficult to keep up with for some clients. Hellenic Roofing & Construction provides a variety of metal roof types which includes standing metal seam roofs, a prevalent metal roof option for homes and businesses. If you need standing seam metal roof installation in Spring, TX, or you would like additional information, get in touch with our team at 832-704-2817!

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Protect Your Home For Around 70 Years.

One of the most notable characteristics of standing seam metal roofs is that the panels lock together over the screws and bolts which prevents them from being exposed to weather. Due to the vertical panels and seams that form this metal roofing system, you have no need to worry about water leaking through. You’ll be able to decide from a variety of reflective colors to not only style your home to your preferences but possess a cool roof that prevents the sun from raising the temperatures in your home. After you consider the money saved due to: a lengthy lifespan, heat reflectivity decreasing utility bills, and little to no maintenance costs, standing seam metal roofing is a great option for roofing a house or business. In some cases, having a metal roof can also equate to extra savings through tax breaks and lessened insurance rates due to the durability of the roof.

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A standing seam metal roof will cost more for installation in comparison to shingle roofs, but the incentives of this roof will save you money in the long run. Metal roofs can outlast traditional roofs by 20 years or more, and they require do not need the same level of maintenance compared to shingle roofing. You will have better protection from severe storms, natural disasters, and the heat as well. Call 832-704-2817 for reputable standing seam metal roofing in Spring, TX and the surrounding areas. You can rely on the roofers at Hellenic Roofing & Construction for superior work and a reliable roof that holds up for decades. Contact us now to get started!