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Are you looking for industrial roof contractors to help you with a newer construction project, or the renovation of your current industrial roof system? Though similar to commercial roof systems, industrial roofing is actually much more complex. The local specialists of Hellenic Roofing & Construction are available to assist you, as we are the local industrial roofing contractor in Spring, TX and the nearby communities. Contact us now at 832-704-2817 if you would like to talk with a specialist about the industrial roof services we offer, or if you would like to set up an appointment.

Industrial Roof Repair Services

Many clients ask us what makes industrial roofing so different from commercial roof systems. Industrial roofs are likely to handle with many things other roofing systems don’t deal with, including chemicals or extreme heat variations. Further wear and tear can arrive in the form of fallen dirt and debris that gradually scrape away at the roofing’s surface. Not all industrial roofs are the same, however, and an expert industrial roofing contractor can help you choose which solution is best for your requirements.

As an example, manufacturing buildings generally have many vents and exhaust fans on the roofing, which creates many chances for leaking, and medical facilities often house many HVAC units on the roofing, which can add to the amount of wear and tear on the roof materials. Everything on the roofing will need to posses expertly sealed edges, however, the material must be flexible so it can adjust accordingly during temperature changes. If you want to keep problems such as this from occurring, it’s critical to choose an expert and experienced industrial roofing contractor for your next project.

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If you are looking at multiple industrial roofing contractors, remember that expertise is an essential trait in every contractor. At Hellenic Roofing & Construction, we’ve been supplying many services for a selection of different industrial roofing kinds, with plenty of different industrial roofing materials. The quality of our craftsmanship is the part of our work we are particularly proud of, from the beginning to the end. We don’t count our work finished until you’re pleased with the completed product. Contact our roof experts today at 832-704-2817 and set up your appointment with a reliable industrial roofing contractor in Spring, TX and the surrounding communities!