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Choosing a company like Hellenic Roofing & Construction is a guarantee for great commercial and residential roofing. With a team of individual roofing contractors that strive to bring you the best, you can feel confident that your roof is well taken care of and so are you. Our services range from roof coatings, single ply roofing, and roof restorations, to the residential side where we do everything from a roof flashing repair to roof installations. We created a company that you could rely on for all of your roofing needs, whether it be for your home or your commercial building, we always have your best interest at heart. We have worked hard to build a reputation where our customers can depend on us and know that we will do the job that we are intended to do. We provide 24-hour emergency service that will be there to help you when an emergency strikes.

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Our team of roofing contractors are some of the best around. With years of experience and training, we will be sure to get the job done right every time. Our reviews say it all and will show you how we do service. We stay up to date with all of the latest and best roofing technology so that you are always getting the best we can provide. That goes for our materials as well, as we provide premium quality materials to you because your roof always deserves the best. We also have excellent roofing contractors that specialize in government and industrial roofing so that your larger jobs are handled by trained roofers that specialize in that field of service. We are here to get your questions answered, talk about pricing, and get appointments scheduled for you whenever you need it. Never hesitate to call us at 832-704-2817. When you need roofing contractors that you can depend on in Texas, Hellenic Roofing & Construction is here for you.